Green Suite Painting, Nelson BC

We provide superior workmanship using
environmentally-preferred paints and coatings.

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Shamus Finnegan

Started in Vancouver in 2010, Green Suite Painting is now based in the Nelson BC area. We’d like to thank our hundreds of happy clients, suppliers, and colleagues throughout the lower mainland for a great run!

We are a community of Professional Painters and Finishers who are passionate about providing quality workmanship using nontoxic paints and coatings wherever possible.

Over the last decade we've tested the burgeoning green product market and we've learned the strengths and limitations of paints and stains that provide the right finish while leaving your environment safer and more beautiful.

Licensed and insured, our team meets tough deadlines and tight budgets without compromise. We pride ourselves in thoughtful, friendly service and accountability. All of our work is backed by warranty.

Please email us for any work-related enquiries or call (250) 777-2127 to receive a free quote.


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